Sunday, July 6, 2008

Florida Highwaymen Forged Painting Alert

Here we have a perfect example of how a woman got ripped off 4500.00 thinking that she was buying an Alfred Hair. Now I must emphasise that this painting was purchased by one of those "dealers" on line that actually has the nerve to state that their paintings are "authentic". You see since I came out of hiding to let the public know about the rip off scams, others have noticed. They knew this wouldn't go away so they simply attached themselves to me as if they ever actually cared about the rip off when most of these people knew this was a perfect way to scam people.
I have seen "Harold Newtons" with purple skys, pink trees on massonite which is ludacris, but hey, who knows right? These are the experts!
This painting here has a scratched name Alfred Hair on tne painting. It is obvious under a telescopic lens that this was attached many years later. But this is not even a Highwaymen painting, its just some guy who bought a painting in a thrift shop (and believe me, there are many) and they put these in a Highwaymen frame, and then sell these. The thing is they have the "balls" to not only sell these but also warn people about fakes and forgeries. Funny isn't it! Nobody for the last 8 years cared about that before, and certainly not those selling those books, films, and doing their Highwaymen tours. But I will make sure to shed a light on these "crooks".
Lets call them what it is folks, "vultures" .
This woman, well she bought a 35.00 painting for 4500.00
There you go!


raider620 said...

I just purchased a Highwaymen painting by R.A. McLendon for quite a bit of money. It was not purchased on e-bay.

How do I go about finding out if it is real or not?

The Highwaymen Curator was of no assistance. I e-mailed him and showed him pictures and received a not so nice e-mail back.

Bob LeBlanc said...

appraisals and authentication available at